2018 Summer Camp Dates

We hope to have our 2018 camp dates up in late November.

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Upcoming 2017 Clinic Dates

December 16 - Your Choice Stroke Clinic
December 17 - Your Choice Stroke Clinic

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2017 Clinic Information
Competitive Swimming Clinics at Skyline High School (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Where:  The competition pool at Skyline High School is an 11 lane, 25 yard pool.  It is an excellent pool for all aspects of competitive swimming instruction.

When:  Sunday afternoons from 12:30 - 4:30 (check in at 12:00-12:25 on Skyline High School pool deck).

Staff:   May include the following coaches (coach Richardson is present at all clinics).  We strive to maintain a 1:3 coach to swimmer ratio....lots of individual attention.
           Jim Richardson - former head coach, women's swimming, University of Michigan / Club Wolverine, 2-time NCAA Coach of the Year
           Stefanie Kerska - former assistant women's coach, University of Michigan / Club Wolverine, NCAA Assistant Coach of the Year
           Maureen Isaac - head women's coach, Skyline High School
           Kurt Kirner - head coach and assistant professor (Sports Psychology), Hillsdate College
           Post Grad pro swimmers
           Eastern Michigan University Varsity Swimmers
           Hillsdale College Varsity Swimmers
           University of Michigan Varsity and post-graduate swimmers and staff

Clinic Emphases:
    These clinics are designed to make significant improvements in stroke, start, and turn techniques.  It is our belief that technical efficiency is the fastest way to make time improvements.  Efficiency is characterized by improved distance per stroke with lower energy output.  We address only one of the swimmer's strokes during the clinic. This is to ensure adequate time to begin building new neural patterns.  We will spend about an hour on body position with floating, balance, and rotation or undulation drills.  We will spend an hour working on kicking and swimming.  We will spend another hour and a half on starts and turns.  For freestyle, butterfly, and breaststroke it is very helpful to have a snorkel.  If you do not own one you may order one when you register for the clinic.  We will have "loaner" snorkels available at no cost.  

The Start and Turn Clinics will cover all three forward starts and the backstroke start.  We cover all seven competitive swimming turns, including the backstroke to breaststroke transiltion turn.

We will use underwater and above water cameras with TIVO delayed replay so that swimmers can see what they are doing.  We use video of world class swimmers to compare "side by side" with each swimmer's technique.  Our hope is to see some significant technical changes at the end of the clinic.  With time and practice, those changes can become the dominant neural patterns and result in improved performances.  

Cost:  $190 for the clinic.  Parking is free in the student lot at Skyline High School.  Parents are welcome to observe all clinics.

Refunds:  If a clinic is cancelled we will issue a full refund.  If a swimmer has to cancel, we will refund the charge less the credit card processing fees (~4%).