2018 Summer Camp Dates

We hope to have our 2018 camp dates up in late November.

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Upcoming 2017 Clinic Dates

December 16 - Your Choice Stroke Clinic
December 17 - Your Choice Stroke Clinic

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Q. What equipment do the swimmers need to have?

A.  The Techique Tract swimmers will need a snorkel.  The Intensive Tract swimmers will need fins, hand paddles, pull buoy, and kick board.  We will send a link to purchase equipment at a significant discount thanks to Speedo.  Equipment can be mailed or picked up during camp check in on Sunday afternoon.

Q. What is included in the cost of swim camp?

A. The cost of the camp is $795 for resident camper staying in the UM dorms and $640 for commuter campers. The price of camp includes instruction, swim cap, T-shirt, photo, instructional DVD, informational booklet, goody bag, room and board (resident campers only), and use of the facilities.  Commuter campers may select a meal option during online registration.

Q. When does the week begin and end?

A.  Check in for all campers is from 1-3 pm on Sunday afternoon.  The first session begins at 6:30 pm on Sunday and the last session ends at 11 am on Thursday. 

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. No refunds will be made except for illness, injury, or at the discretion of the camp director. Requests must be in writing, and accompanied by a written physician's statement in case of illness or injury.  Please remember any refund can only be attained from Michigan Swim Camp, LLC.  No refund will include credit card processing fees.

Q. Are there camp discounts available?

A. Yes, If you have 2 or more immediate family members registering for the same camp you qualify for a $30.00 household discount for each additional child.  If you register for more than one 2016 swim camp you qualify for a $30.00 discount for each additional week. Registrants with a umich.edu email address will receive a $30.00 discount.  Qualified applicants can only receive one discount.

Q. Can commuters purchase dorm meals?

A. Commuters may purchase a meal option during online registration.

Q. How do the campers go to and from the dorm?

A. Campers are escorted from and to the dorm by our staff.  The pool is about 2 1/2 blocks from the dorm (South Quadrangle).

Q. Who is in charge of supervision?

Our camp staff and the Housing Department at Michigan share in supervision over the campers throughout the course of the entire week. UM Housing hires full-time and part-time staff to meet the administrative and supervisory needs of the camps. In addition, the Michigan Department of Public Safety has supervisory duties over the dorms. Our staff chaperones the campers to and from the pool. Our staff has shared supervision duties until 8:30pm and the UM Housing counselors serve as the hall counselors from 8:30pm until 8:00am. We have a full-time athletic trainer in the dorm whenever the campers are there (including overnight).  We take the responsibility of caring for your child seriously.  If issues arise, do not hesitate to call us immediately (camp office - 734-845-8596 / South Quad front desk - 734-764-0144).

Q. Who is in charge of housing and meals?

A. The University of Michigan Department of Housing handles all of the housing and meal issues. Meals begin with Monday breakfast and end with Thursday breakfast.   You will be given phone numbers to call during the week if questions arise.  For special dietary needs go to this site - http://housing.umich.edu/dining/nutrition

Q. What is the camper to staff ratio?

A. Overall our ratio is about 1:4. During some stations campers will receive one-on-one instruction. All video critique is done one-on-one in a small group setting (4-6). Group stations vary from ~30 to ~10 depending on the activity. Campers who are having difficulty with a particular skill are given one-on-one instruction.

Q. Who makes up the Michigan Swim Camp staff?

A. The camp is owned and operated by the head swimming coach at the University of Michigan, Mike Bottom. Assistant Head Coach Mark Hill oversees the Intensive Training Tract.  Hillsdale Collge Head Coach Kurt Kirner, and Lewis University Head Coach Roger Karns direct the Technique Tract.  Associate Head Coaches Rick Bishop, and Dr. Josh White, and Assistant Coach Danielle Tansel are also part of our staff. Kurt Kirner is the director of technical instruction and counselor operations.  Caroline Mandel, our sports nutrition director, delivers a weekly lecture on fueling for swimming. In addition, we hire 10-12 coaches who come with strong backgrounds and recommendations.  These coaches are currently coaching either at the club or collegiate level. We utilize varsity swimmers from the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University as well as post-graduate swimmers to work with the campers on a daily basis. Everyone is committed to helping each swimmer gain new skills and a greater appreciation for their sport. We do background checks through the University of Michigan Department of Public Safety on all staff prior to hiring. We average about 40-50 staff members per week.

Q. What is the intensive track and for whom is it designed?

A. The intensive track is designed for swimmers 13 years and older who are already in shape and training at full capacity (e.g. ~50,000 yds./week).  It is not a "get in shape" tract.  Learning to adapt to systematic, cycled training, and speed development are the primary goals of this tract. The morning and afternoon sessions are in-water training sessions. Threshold, VO2max, lactate tolerance, race pace, and maximal speed training are part of the training program. The evening session is a dryland training session with emphasis on core strength and overall fitness. Daily yardage averages around 11,000. Swimmers are videoed and each swimmer receives a written stroke critique via a 1:1 session with a coach. This tract is designed for the swimmer with good foundational skills who is in active training and can handle the workload. It is important not to "push" younger children into this tract in an effort to maintain training volume.  

Q. What is the technique track and for whom is it designed?

A. The technique track is a skill acquisition curriculum, which begins with basic body balance and progresses to swimming with maximum efficiency (i.e. fewest number of strokes per length). This is the foundation of all fast swimming. Starts, turns, Gambetta dryland training, pacing, nutrition, team building, and mental training are part of this comprehensive curriculum. Swimmers are filmed and their video is critiqued 1:1 with a coach in written form every day. While training is not the emphasis of this tract, an optional one-hour workout is available daily. Yardage in this workout varies from 4,000-3,000 yards depending upon the ability level of the swimmer. This tract is designed for the younger swimmer (12 and under) who needs to form excellent skill foundations; the older swimmer who is relatively new to the sport and needs to gain a higher efficiency level (yes, we have a lot of high school swimmers in this tract); and, the skilled swimmer who needs a week of fine tuning without the added stress of training.

Q. If I am a commuter camper do I need to check-in on Sundays?

A.  It is required that commuters check-in on Sunday between 1:00-3:00pm.  You must check in with the Commuter Counselor and receive the instructions and schedule for Commuters.

Q. How are room assignments and roommates determined?

A.  Rooms will be assigned at check-in in the dorm.  You may select your own roommate.  Please try to check in with your roommate to facilitate this process.  UM Housing has eliminated all triples.  Only double rooms are available.


Q. Can I purchase a snorkel for camp?

A.  While snorkels are not required, having one will enhance the swimmer’s ability to work on proper body position during technique work.  We are selling the Speedo Bullet front mount snorkel at camp at a discounted price of $30.  You may purchase the snorkel at online during registration. The snorkel will be given to you at camp check-in. We will have loaners available, which are sanitized in case you are not able to purchase one.

Q. What if I need to be picked up from the airport or Amtrak station?

A:  Here is a link to the companies that provide transportation to and from Detroit Metro Airport (25 minutes from campus) - http://www.metroairport.com/GroundTransportation/LuxurySedansTaxis.aspx

Q. Who is eligible to participate?

Participants must be between the ages of 8 and 18. In order to stay in the dorms one must be 10 years old - University policy, no exceptions! While camps are open to any and all entrants, it is strongly recommended that participants have at least a basic level of competitive swimming proficiency in the water. This is not a "learn to swim" camp.